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Crassostrea gigas, Marennes-Oléron
Crassostrea gigas, Marennes-Oléron
Crassostrea gigas, Marennes-Oléron, opened

Eyster is whit monie unalike groups o bivalve mollusks are cried, maist o which bide in ocean airt or sautie watter. The huil is makkit o twa unco calcified valves what surroond a swack corp. Gills syle plankton fae the watter, an strang adductor muscles are uised tae claucht the huil closed.

Some kynds o eysters are unco prized as fuid, baith raw an ceukit. Ither kynds, sic as pairl eysters, are no eten for ordinar.

Real eysters, belongin tae the faimlie Ostreidae, are downa o makkin gem-quality pairls, altho the opposite thocht is a commonly-encounterit misapprehension, aften keekit in picturs or photographs whar an etible eyster huil is paired wi a gem-quality pairl.