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Unicorn atop Errol's Mercat Cross

Errol is a veelage in Pairth an Kinross, Scotland aboot haufway atween Dundee an Pairth. It is ane o the principal settlements o the Carse o Gowrie.

Errol is kent for its reeds, which uised tae be collectit up tae a few years ago tae make thatched ruifs. These reeds grow in the banks o the River Tay an act as hame tae a fairly uncommon bird cried the bearded tit. Errol haes a lairge kirk, built in 1831, kent as the "Cathedral o The Carse" which can be seen frae maist pairts o the veelage an frae far aroond.

Errol is an aa kent for its local brick factory.

Errol Primary Schuil is ower a century auld an is whaur mony local childer go tae learn. Errol haes twa general grocery shops; ither local amenities include a chip shop, post office, ane pub/restaurant, community centre, a doctors' surgery, pharmacy an hairdresser. The local winery Cairn o' Mhor haes wan mony awards for its wines made frae local produce such as oak sap, rhubarb an brambles an is situatit on the same fermyard as Gillies & Mackay Ltd, a local shed company.

Errol lees on the National Cycle Network NCN 77 frae Dundee tae Pitlochry an is situatit aboot a mile frae the A90 Perth tae Dundee Road. This makes it popular for fowk who commute tae wirk. Errol is surroondit bi agricultural flat fields an haes a prominent attractive location athin this settin.

The site o the wartime RAF Errol airfield is situatit approximately ane mile east o the veelage. It hosts the Errol car buit sale ivery Sunday, bringin in mony fowk frae surroondin auries includin Perth an Dundee.

The veelage haed a railway station on the line atween Perth an Dundee till the mid-1980s. British Rail annoonced its decision tae close it on 30 September 1985.[1]

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