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Daith an Unnerwarld
Abode16t floor in the Sky
Personal Information
ParentsGök Tanrı an Yer Tanrı
Ay Tanrı

Erlik, or Erlig, is the god o daith an unnerwarld in Turkic an Mongolie meethologie.

Accordin tae Siberie meethologie, Erlik wis the first creation o Tengri or Ulgan, the creator god, but Erlik's pride led tae friction atween the twa, an he wis banisht tae the unnerwarld.

In the meeths o the Turko-Mongol fowks, Erlik wis involvit in the creation o humanity. He slew the messenger-god, Maidere, an is a teacher o sin. He is sometimes representit bi a totemic bear.

In Turkic meethologie, Erlik wis the deity o evil, darkness, laird o the lawer warld, an judge o the deid. He is kent as the first o mankind, creatit bi Ulgen. He wants tae be equal tae Ulgen, but is in a position inferior tae him. Then he wantit tae mak his awn laund an wis sent tae the preeson at the 9t layer o the yird an became opposed tae the upper warld, the realm o licht.

The evil spirits creatit bi Erlik cause misfortune, sickness, an daith tae mankind. These spirits are imagined as Erlik's assistants. Besides these, his 9 sons an dochters help their faither in the wey o evil. Erlik's dochters especially try tae chynge a shaman's mynd while he is attemptin tae reach Ulgen wi their brawnies. Erlik gives aw kynds o sickness an wants sacrifices frae the fowk. If they dae no sacrifice tae him, he catches the deid bodies o the fowk that he killed an taks them awa tae this lawer warld an then maks them his slaves. So, especially in the Altays, whan sickness appears, fowk become scared o Erlik an sacrifice him a lot o animals.

In the prayers of shamans, Erlik is describit as a monster, haein the face an teeth o a pig combined wi a human body. Besides his face, he is an auld man wi a well-built body, black eyes, eyebrous, an mustache.

Todote is the Samoyed god o evil an daith, identifee'd wi the Turkic god Erlik. The dinosaur Erlikosaurus is namit for him.

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