Erika Buenfil

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Erika Buenfil
BornTeresa de Jesús Lopez
(1963-11-23) 23 November 1963 (age 60)
Monterrey, Nuevo León, México
BairnsNicolás De Jesús
PawrentsMaria Martha[1] (dee'd 2007)

Erika Buenfil (born Teresa de Jesús Buenfil Lopez on 23 November 1963) is a Mexican actress an sangster. She is best kent for her lead roles in several successfu telenovelas includin Amor en Silencio (1988), Marisol (1996), Tres Mujeres (1999–2000) an Amores Verdaderos (2012–2013).

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2005 Buenfil became a mither, haein gien birth tae Nicolás De Jesús. Controversy follaeed whan the press pressured Erika tae mention the name o the bairn's faither, which Erika refused. She appeared in mony TV shows sic as Cristina an Don Francisco Presenta, whaur she talkit aboot the hardships on bein a single mither in the TV industrie, but she wis goin throu the happiest moment o her life bein a mither tae her bairn.

On 10 Julie 2007, Buenfil's mither Maria Martha dee'd efter complications frae a rare disease that affectit her hert.

Buenfil revealed that the faither o her bairn is the son o Mexican ex-preses Ernesto Zedillo. When askit hou her relationship wi the faither o her bairn is, "It does no exist. Doesna ken whaur he is, he kens naething," she said.[2]

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Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

• 1.- Despertar al Amor
Despertar al Amor
Despertar al Amor

• 2.- Se Busca un Corazón

Ya no te Amo más
El Amor es un niño pequeño
Esa Balada de Amor
Se busca un Corazón
El Engaño
Tras de Ti
Es como un Sueño
Llorando por El

• 3.- Soy Mujer

Tu Amor a medias no me Interesa
La Noche no es para Mí
Crucero Mediterráneo
Ramito de Violetas
Pon Otra vez ese Disco
La Moda Juvenil
Soy Mujer
Sin Amor

• 4.- Cerca de Ti
Vuelve Pronto
Mi Rey
Cerca de Ti
Rayo de Luna
– Bonus Tracks:
Despertar al Amor
Despertar al Amor

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