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Synonyms seizure disorder
Generalised 3 Hz spike-an-wave dischairges on an electroencephalogram
Clessification an freemit resoorces
Specialty Neurology
ICD-10 G40-G41
ICD-9-CM 345
DiseasesDB 4366
MedlinePlus 000694
eMedicine neuro/415
MeSH D004827

Epilepsy is a group o neurological disorders chairacterised bi epileptic seizurs.[1][2] Epileptic seizurs are episodes that can vary frae brief an nearly undetectable tae lang periods o vigorous shakin.[3] Thir episodes can result in pheesical injuries includin occasionally braken banes.[3] In epilepsy, seizurs tend tae recur an as a rule, hae na immediate unnerlyin cause.[1] Isolatit seizurs that are provoked bi a speceefic cause such as pushionin are nae deemed tae represent epilepsy.[4] Fowk wi epilepsy in some auries o the warld experience stigma due tae the condeetion.[3]

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