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Spaceship Earth, the icon o Epcot
LocationWalt Disney Warld Resort, Lake Buena
, Florida, U.S.
Coordinates28°22′16″N 81°33′00″W / 28.371°N 81.550°W / 28.371; -81.550
ThemeTechnological innovation an
internaitional cultur
AinerThe Walt Disney Company
Operatit biWalt Disney Parks and Resorts
OpenedOctober 1, 1982
Operatin saisonYear-roond
WabsteidOfficial wabsteid

Epcot is the seicont o fower theme pairks biggit at Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida. It opened on October 1, 1982, an spans 300 acre (120 ha), mair nor twice the size o the Magic Kingdom pairk.[1] Epcot is dedicatit tae the celebration o human achievement, namely technological innovation an internaitional culture, an is eften referred to as a "Permanent Warld's Fair."[2][3] In 2011, the pairk hostit approximately 10.83 million guests, makin it the third maist veesitit theme pairk in the Unitit States, an saxt maist veesitit theme pairk in the warld.[4]

The pairk is representit bi Spaceship Earth, a geodesic sphere that an aa serves as an attraction.

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