Endurance (crater)

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Endurance is a dunt crater on Maurs that wis veesitit bi the Opportunity Rinaboot frae Mey until December o 2004. Meession scientists cried the crater efter the Gailey Endurance that sailed tae the Antarctic in an sploration vaige organized bi Ernest Shackleton.

First panoramic photo o the 'Endurance' crater.

The Rinaboot entered the crater interior on its 134t meession sol (Juin 15), an exited on the 315th sol (December 14t). In throu this time it stravaigit various obstacles, stey inclines, an owercame lairge trinnle slippage whan drivin ower fine saund.

Sploration bi 'Opportunity'[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter arrivin at the crater, 'Opportunity' performed a scance o the crater tae plan the forder steps in splorin the local areologie. A steid cawit "Karatepe" wis chuist tae gang in the crater an howk the layerin o the bedrock.


This pictur wis taken inby the crater, shawin chynges in the lit o the bedrock layers. The layer "A" is naurer tae the Rinaboot an heicher than the layers "B" to "E". Sicwice scientists infer that the eild o thae layers is follaein a sib paitren wi the heicher layers bein younger than the laicher layers.