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Jesús Emmanuel
Birth nameJesús Emmanuel Acha Martinez
Born (1952-04-16) 16 Aprile 1952 (age 69)
OreiginMexico Ceety, Mexico
Years active1976-present

Emmanuel, the stage name o Jesús Emmanuel Acha Martinez,(born Aprile 16, 1952, in Mexico Ceety) is a Mexican sangster who debuted in the 1970s.

He is the son o the late Argentinian-born bullfechter Raúl Acha"Rovira" an his first wife, Spainyie sangster Conchita Martinez.[1]

Emmanuel's sangs are uisually ballads, which became popular durin the 1980s. His fowerth an maist successful album tae date, Íntimamente (Intimately), wis written bi the famous Spaniard ballad componer Manuel Alejandro in collaboration wi Ana Magdalena. It wis released in 1980 an haed the follaein seiven hit sangs:

  • "Todo Se Derrumbó Dentro De Mi" ("Everything Collapsed Inside of Me")
  • "Quiero Dormir Cansado" ("I Want to Sleep Exhausted")
  • "El Día Que Puedas" ("Whenever You Get a Chance")
  • "Con Olor A Hierba" ("With the Scent of Grass")
  • "Tengo Mucho Que Aprender De Ti" ("I Have Much to Learn from You")
  • "Insoportablemente Bella" ("Unbearably Beautiful") (cover of Hernaldo Zúñiga's 1980 hit)
  • "Este Terco Corazón" ("This Stubborn Heart")

The remainin sangs on the album are "Esa Triste Guitarra" ("That Sad Guitar"), "Caprichosa María" ("Capricious Maria"), an "Eso Era La Vida" ("That Was Life"), the last o which is the anerly sang on the album no componit bi Alejandro-Magdalena.

His follae up albums enjoyed success wi memorable luve sangs an aw. Emmanuel continues tae tour throuoot Laitin Americae backit bi baunds that hae includit muisickers frae the Unitit States, maist notably guitarist Dick Smith o (Earth Wind & Fire, Kenny Loggins, an Air Supply).

Emmanuel's son, Alexander Acha, is a profeesional sangster as well.

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