Egbert o Wessex

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Egbert - MS Royal 14 B V.jpg
Depiction o Egbert frae the Genealogical Chronicle o the Inglis Keengs, a late 13t-century manuscript in the Breetish Library
Keeng o Wessex
Ring 802–839
Predecessor Beorhtric
Successor Æthelwulf
Keeng o Kent
Ring 825–839
Predecessor Baldred
Successor Æthelwulf
Born 771 or 775[1]
Dee'd 839 (aged 68 or 70)
Buirial Winchester
Issue Æthelwulf, Keeng o Wessex
Hoose Hoose o Wessex
Faither Ealhmund o Kent

Egbert (771/775–839), an aa kent as Ecgberht, Ecgbert, or Ecgbriht, wis Keeng o Wessex frae 802 till his daith in 839.

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