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Eduardo Capetillo

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Eduardo Capetillo
BornEduardo Capetillo
(1970-04-13) 13 Aprile 1970 (age 54)
Mexico Ceety, Mexico
ThriftActor, Sangster
Hauf-marrae(s)Bibi Gaytán (1994-present)

Eduardo Capetillo (born on 13 Aprile 1970) is a Mexican actor an sangster. He wis born in Mexico Ceety, Mexico. He belangs tae the Capetillo faimily, who hae a lang tradeetion o bein bullfechters.

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bein still vera young, he pairticipatit in some courses o preparation wi the actress Martha Zabaleta an some courses o jazz in the centre o qualification o Televisa. His career stairtit when he wan the festival Juguemos a Cantar, whaur he wan the seicont place wi the sang Mi grupo toca Rock (My band plays rock), later launched bi Orfeón Records.

He pairticipatit in the Spainyie theatre version o Grease, Vaselina, an recordit his first telenovela in 1983 cried Martín Garatuza.

In 1986, Eduardo entered Timbiriche, occupyin the place o Benny Ibarra, the success teuk shape wi the album Rock Shows, launchin that corresponds tae the album Timbiriche VI, then he recordit mair hits in the group wi the album Timbiriche VII and the album Timbiriche VIII an Timbiriche lX. Thare are some sangs in which Capetillo haed solos an became hits, such as: No seas tan cruel, Todo Cambia, Con todos menos conmigo. He wis in a tour in Mexico an some Laitin American kintras.

In 1989, Capetillo left the group an began his career as a single airtist. In 1991 he sauld mair nor a million copies o the album o five sangs, soond track o the soap opera Alcanzar una estrella.

That same year he launched his album, Dame Una Noche. In 1992 he returned as an actor an sangster thanks tae anither telenovela, Baila conmigo, an tae his seicont album, Estoy Aquí.

Later he wad release a new album, Piel Ajena in (1995), an a career in which the formula is mixed actor-sangster in telenovelas, that strenthens him as an idol in the Laitin warld thanks tae titles like Marimar, thegither wi Thalía, that wis seen in mair nor 150 kintras, or Canción De Amor, Camila or El secreto, in which he an Yadhira Carrillo are the anerlie Mexican actors o a Spainyie cast.

Indeed thanks tae the soap opera El secreto, seen on Spainyie telly (the TVE), guid leukin Eduardo Capetillo haes returned tae record a new album, wi Horus-Muxxic, registered in diverse studios o Mexico an Spain, wi a production directit an made bi his brither-in-law Chacho Gaytán. In 2003 he interpretit ane o the sangs o the telenovela Bajo la misma piel an aw. In 2004 he appeared in Amy, la niña de la mochila azúl. His maist recent telenovela is Peregrina, a story o an 18-year auld circus girl who discovers her real faimily.

Capetillo is marriet tae actress an sangster Bibi Gaytán, his ex-companion frae Timbiriche. They hae 3 childer: Eduardo (born in 1995), Ana Paula (born in 1997), an Alejandra (born in 1999).

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