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Edinburgh derby

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Edinburgh derby
The Meadows, whaur the first Edinburgh derby wis played
TeamsHeart of Midlothian F.C.
Hibernian F.C.
First meetinHearts 1–0 Hibernian
Friendly match
(25 December 1875)
Latest meetinHeart of Midlothian 2–1 Hibernian
2019–20 Scottish Cup Semi-Final
(31 October 2020)
StadiumsTynecastle Park (Hearts)
Easter Road (Hibernian)
Meetins totCompetitive matches: 323
Aw spiels: 648
Maist winsCompetitive spiels: Hearts (143)
Aw spiels: Hearts (285)
Tap scorerCompetitive matches: John Robertson, Hearts (27)
Aw spiels: Bobby Walker, Hearts (33)
Edinburgh derby is located in Edinburgh
Tynecastle Park
Tynecastle Park
Easter Road
Easter Road

The Edinburgh derby is the name gied tae ony gemme atween the twa biggest fitbaa teams in Edinburgh: Herts an Hibernian. This is ane o the auldest rivalries in fitbaa across the world, datin back aw the wye tae the clubs' funndin in the 1870s.