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Ecologie is the study o the warkins o life on the planet Yird.

Ecologie, or ecological science, is the scienteific study o the deistribution an rowth o leivin organisms an the wey that thir properties is affectit bi interactions atween the organisms an thair environs. The environs o an organism includes baith the pheesical properties, them that can be descrieved as the soum o local abiotic factors like climate an geologie, as weel as the ither organisms that shares its habitat. The wird oekologie wis cleckit in 1866 bi the German biologist, Ernst Haeckel, frae the Greek oikos meanin "hoosehauld" an logos meanin "study"; that is, the "study o the hoosehauld o naitur". biology is as well the study of the human body or focile this is known as geology