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Favicon o Wikipaedia Dutch Wikipaedia
The Dutch Wikipaedia in Mey 2007
Teep o steid
Internet encyclopedie project
Available in Dutch
Heidquarters Miami, Florida
Awner Wikimedie Foondation
Creautit bi Dutch Wikipaedia community
Wabsteid nl.wikipedia.org
Commercial Na
Registration Optional

The Dutch Wikipaedia (Dutch: Nederlandstalige Wikipedia) is the Dutch-leid edeetion o the free online encyclopedie, Wikipaedia. It wis creatit in Juin 2001. As o Juin 2013, the Dutch Wikipaedia is the seicont-lairgest Wikipaedia edeetion, wi ower 1,935,000 airticles. It wis the fowert Wikipaedia edeetion tae exceed 1 million airticles, efter the Inglis, German an French edeetions.