Dundee F.C.

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Fou name Dundee Football Club
Elk-name(s) The Dee
Foondit 1893; 125 years ago (1893)
Grund Dens Park
(capacity: 11,506[1])
Neil McCann
League Scottish Premiership
2016–17 Scottish Premiership, 10t
Wabsteid Club hame page
Home colours
Away colours

Dundee Fitbaa Club, foondit in 1893, are a fitbaa club based in the ceety o Dundee, Scotland. They are nicknamed The Dee or The Dark Blues an play their hame matches at Dens Park. Their shirt colour is daurk blue. Dundee currently play in the Scots First Division, haein been relegatit frae the Scots Premier League follaein the 2004–05 season. For the past five saisons, despite some considerable investment, they hae failed tae gain promotion back tae the top tier o Scots fitbaa.

The ceety o Dundee supports twa senior professional football teams, Dundee an Dundee Unitit. Their grunds are athin a few yards o each ither an are the twa closest professional fitbaa grunds in the warld.

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