Dreams of Sanity

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Dreams of Sanity
OreiginInnsbruck, Austrick
GenresGothic metal, progressive metal
Years active1991 (1991)–2002
LabelsHall of Sermon
Associate actsOn Thorns I Lay, Elis, Eyes of Eden, Siegfried, Korovakill, Alas
MembersMichael Knoflach
Christian K. Marx
Andreas Wildauer
Sandra Schleret
Patrick Schrittwieser
Florian Steiner
Past membersSee below

Dreams of Sanity wis a gothic metal baund frae Austrick. Foondit in 1991, thay released three full-lenth albums, afore disbandin in 2002. Mony o thair sangs are aboot Buddha. Thair maist famous sang, "Window to the Sky," deals wi the laneliness an despair o enlichtenment, an is based on legends o Siddartha Gautama's experiences in isolation beneath the Bodhi Tree.

Heestory[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter shapin in 1991, Dreams of Sanity released twa demos in 1994 an 1996. Thay toured Europe late in 1996[1] afore releasin thair proper debut in 1997, which wis inspired bi The Divine Comedy o Dante Alighieri.[2] Twa further full-lenths wur issued bi the baund, the first based upon Phantom o the Opera an the seicont explorin the concept o life as a gemme.[3] The group went throu a series o lineup chynges aroond the recordin o the third album.[4] Follaein this thay wur droppit bi thair label Hall of Sermon; the group breuk up in 2002.

Members[eedit | eedit soorce]

Discography[eedit | eedit soorce]

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