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Downtown Atlanta

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Downtown Atlanta
Pairt o the Downtown Atlanta skyline
Pairt o the Downtown Atlanta skyline
Downtown Atlanta is located in Metro Atlanta
Downtown Atlanta
Downtown Atlanta
Location in Metro Atlanta
Coordinates: 33°45′18″N 84°23′24″W / 33.75500°N 84.39000°W / 33.75500; -84.39000Coordinates: 33°45′18″N 84°23′24″W / 33.75500°N 84.39000°W / 33.75500; -84.39000
225-320 m (738-1050 ft)
 • Total26,700 (approximately)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-4 (EDT)

Downtown Atlanta is the central business destrict o Atlanta, Georgie, Unitit States. The lairgest o the ceety's three commercial destricts, Downtown is the location o mony corporate or regional heidquairters; ceety, coonty, state an federal govrenment facilities; Georgia State Varsity; sportin venues; an maist o Atlanta's tourist attractions. Downtown measurs approximately fower square miles, an haed 26,700 residents as o 2010.[1] Similar tae ither central business destricts in the U.S., Downtown haes recently unnergane a transformation that includit the construction o new condos an lofts, renovation o historic biggins, an arrival o new residents an businesses.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Downtown is boond bi North Avenue tae the north, Boulevard tae the east, Interstate 20 tae the sooth, an Northside Drive tae the wast. This definition o Downtown Atlanta includes central auries like Five Points, the Hotel District an Fairlie-Poplar an ootlyin inner ceety neebourheids such as SoNo an Castleberry Hill.

The Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID) organization, tho, defines a hintle smawer downtown aurie measurin juist ane an twa tents square miles. This aurie is roughly boond bi North Avenue tae the north, Piedmont Avenue an the Downtown Connector tae the east, Martin Luther King Junior Drive, Courtland Street, an Edgewood Avenue tae the sooth, an the railwey tracks tae the wast. This aurie anerly includes the core central business destrict neebourheids o Fairlie-Poplar, Five Points, the Hotel District, Centennial Hill, an South Downtown.

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