Diablo 2

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Diablo II is a gemme makkit by Blizzard North, that is pairt o Blizzard Entertainment, in 2000. The expansion, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, wis makkit a couple months efter.

Story[eedit | eedit soorce]

The story begins wi a daurk raker that traivels ben a kirk ownt by skellums. In a wee efter, mony wiiricowes, deid fowk, an beasts stravaig the leid. The hero maun kill Andarial, the Maiden o Anguish so that thare is peace. The hero follaes the daurk raker to the ceety o Lut Gohlein whaur the wiiricowe, Baal, the Lord o Destruction, is stuck in an auld warlock, Tal Rasha. The daurk raker lowses Baal an thay traivel tae the auld ceety o Kurast whaur Mephisto, the Lord o Hatred bides. The daurk raker shifts tae Diablo, the Lord o Terror, an the three brithers open the port tae Hell. The hero kills Mephisto an gaes in Hell tae kill Diablo. Efter Diablo dees, the hero gaes north tae Mount Arreat that is whaur Baal is. Baal is thare acause he seeks tae fyle the Worldstone that will malafouster the mairch o Heiven, Hell, an the warld. The hero kills Baal, but the Worldstone maun be malafoustered an that's bad.