Denis Guedj

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Denis Guedj (1940 - Aprile 24, 2010) in Setif, an dee'd in Paris on the 24t April 2010[1], wis a French scriever an mathematician. Professor at the Université de Paris VIII (Paris VIII Varsity), he wis an actor an playwrichter an aw. He deed o causes that's no kent bi the public an wis buried in the Montmartre Cemetery, at the end o Aipril 2010.

Warks[eedit | eedit soorce]

He is weel kent for his warks aboot mathematics an leeteratur, for example in Men's Villa (Villa des Hommes) and a lot o his warks aw aboot the sciences an aw. The Parrot's Theorem is ane o his beuks, translatit intae Inglis.

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