De Tomaso Guarà

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Guara at Woodley Pairk - rear view

The De Tomaso Guarà is a sports caur an the last project o the foonder an awner Alejandro de Tomaso put intae the mercat. Presentit at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show, the Guarà wis available as a coupe an open barchetta. The latter corresponds tae the coupe but wi'oot ruif an proper windscreen; juist a sma air deflector protects the passenger an the driver frae the elements an the caur haed tae be driven while wearin a helmet. The Guarà is based on the Maserati Barchetta Stradale prototype frae 1991, a true race caur frae which a few conversions finally made it ontae the public roads. The third model wis the Guarà Speeder, a convertible wi a sma canvas tap; anerlie five wur produced. As for the Maserati Barchetta the designer is Carlo Gaino o the "Synthesis Design"