David Allan

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Sel portrait o David Allan, 1770

David Allan (13 Februar 1744 - 6 August 1796) wis a Scots penter an illustrator, best ken fur historical subjecks an genre warks.

Life[eedit | eedit soorce]

He wis born in Alloway in central Scotland on 13 Februar 1744. He wis the son o the shoremaster, cried David Allan as weel, whiles his mither Janet Gullan deet twathree day efter his birth.[1][2] In 1745, he wis near killt whan his nurse wandered in front o an artillery battery afore it wis shot. Whan he wis ten, he wis taen frae his schuil efter he drew his dominie in a bad pose. He wis apprenticed tae Robert Foulis an pit intae Foulis' Academy o pentin in Glesga on his eleevent birthday in 1755 an graduatit seeven yeir later.[2]

He gaint the patronage o Laird Cathcart an o Erskine o Mar, on thats estate he haed been born. Erskine made it possible for him tae travel tae Roum (1764), whaur he remained till 1777, studyin unner Gavin Hamilton an copyin the auld masters.

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