Dahala Khagrabari

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Dahala Khagrabari #51 is an Indie enclave belangin tae the Destrict o Cooch Behar in the State o Wast Bengal.

It is ane o the smawest (7000 m2) o the Indo-Bangladesh enclaves amang the 106 Indie exclaves inside Bangladesh an 92 Bangladeshi exclaves inside Indie. Housomeivver, it is the anerlie third-order enclave in the warld.

Dahala Khagrabari #51 is completely encircled bi the Bangladeshi veelage o Upanchowki Bhajni, 110, itsel contained in the Indie veelage o Balapara Khagrabari, itsel contained in the Rajshahi Diveesion, Bangladesh. Thus Dahala Khagrabari is the enclave o an enclave o an enclave. In practice, it is a parcel o laund uised for fermin an is no actually inhabitit. It is separatit bi a few metres o Bangladeshi laund frae its first-order Indie enclave.

Dahala Khagrabari, the anerlie third-order enclave in the warld (Maps)

The awner o this enclave is a Bangladeshi fermer who lives in the enclave surroondin Dahala Khagrabari #51.[1]

Despite its smaw size, Dahala Khagrabari No. 51 is no the smawest o the enclaves foond on the Indo-Bangladesh border, the smawest bein Panisala No. 79, an Indie enclave o 0.109 hectare (1,090 m2) in the Rangpur Diveesion o Bangladesh.[2]

Due tae a lack o govrenance an unfavourable conditions facit bi residents o the enclaves, in September 2011 the govrenments o Indie an Bangladesh annooncit thair intention tae resolve the issue bi means o swappin 162 enclaves, givin residents a choice o naitionality.[3][4]

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