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Dagny Hultgreen, born 19 September 1962, is an American telly personality an film actress. She wis born in Greenwich, Connecticut, an spent her bairnheid thare an in Chicago an Toronto. Her faimily muivit tae San Antonio when she wis studyin broadcast jurnalism at the Varsity o Texas.[1]

Career[eedit | eedit soorce]

Hultgreen began her on-air career in August, 1988, wi a five-year contract as a weekend news anchor at WPXI in Pittsburgh. A personnel realignment resultit in her leavin the next September.[2] Frae 1991-1993 she wis an anchor an correspondent on E! News on E!: Entertainment Televeesion, whaur she co-hostit a special on the nominations for the 1993 Academy Awards.[3] In 1993, she wis the first entertainment reporter on Good Day, L.A. on KTTV in Los Angeles.[4] In 1996, she appeared in E! News Live.[5]

Her film roles include minor pairts in Martial Law II: Undercover (1992) an the Academy Awaird-winnin Speed (1994).[5]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Dagny Hultgreen is marriet tae producer Michael Dubelko, wi whom she haes three childer.[5] She is the aulder sister o Kara Hultgreen, the first female Navy carrier fechter pilot.[1]

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