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Umwhile type chaebol
Foondit 22 Mairch 1967
Defunct 1999
Heidquarters Seoul, Sooth Korea
Key fowk Kim Woo-jung, foonder
Hangul 대우
Hanja 大宇
Revised Romanization Dae-u
McCune–Reischauer Taeu
Umwhile Daewoo Group Heidquarters (nou Seoul Square Biggin).

Daewoo (Korean for "Great Universe") or the Daewoo Group wis a major Sooth Korean chaebol (conglomerate). It wis foondit on 22 Mairch 1967 as Daewoo Industrial an wis dismantled bi the Sooth Korean govrenment in 1999. Prior tae the Asie Financial Creesis o 1998, Daewoo wis the seicont lairgest conglomerate in Korea efter Hyundai Group, follaeed bi LG Group an Samsung Group. Thare wur aboot 20 diveesions unner the Daewoo Group, some o which survive the day as unthirlt companies.