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DAF 600

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The DAF 600 is a small family car that wis DAF's first production passenger car: it wis first presented at the Amsterdam Motor Show in Februar 1958 an wis in production bi 1959, awtho the firm haed published the first details o the car at the end o 1957. It wis available until 1963.

The 600 wis the first car tae hae a continuously variable transmission (CVT) seestem - the innovative DAF Variomatic. The DAF Variomatic employs centrifugal weights tae shift the transmission an is enhanced bi an ingine manifold vacuum. It wis the anly car ever produced which went faster bi the semple expedient o gently an gradually releasing the accelerator ance tap speed haed been reached. This increased manifold vacuum that helped the variable pulleys shift tae an even higher ratio sae even tho the ingine RPM stays the same, the transmission increases the car's speed, in the case o the DAF 600, frae 60 mile per oor (97 km/h) tae nearly 70 mph (110 km/h) gien enough time an level road.

The Variomatic forby permitted increased ingine braking bi operating a switch on the dashboard that reversed the action o the vacuum on the pulley's diaphragm, seeking a lawer ratio wi increased manifold vacuum.

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