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Culross Palace

Culross (pronoonced "Coo-ros", Gaelic: Cuileann Ros)is a clachan locate on the Firth o Forth aboot 5 mile east o Kincardine. The clachan is thocht tae hae been foondit bi Saunt Serf an tae hae been the birthplace o Saunt Mungo.

It uisst tae be a muckle centre o coal minin an the first mine wis foondit bi George Bruce o Carnock, that biggit hissel a muckle hoose that he cried a pailace (Culross Pailace is aye open tae the public, unner the care o the National Trust for Scotland). The mine wis the first mine in the warld that gaed oot unner the sea. The ither heidmaist industry in the clachan wis pannin for saut.

Thare's mony ither braw biggins unner the care o the NTS, includin The Study an Culross Abbey.

Fremmit Airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coordinates: 56°03′19″N 3°37′45″W / 56.0554°N 3.6293°W / 56.0554; -3.6293