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Drawin o a cube bi Leonardo da Vinci

In geometry, a cube[1] is a three-dimensional solid object boondit bi sax squerr faces, facets or sides, wi three meetin at each vertex.

The cube is the anly regular hexahedron an is ane o the five Platonic solids.

The cube is an aa a squerr parallelepiped, an equilateral cuboid an a richt rhombohedron. It is a regular squerr prism in three orientations, and a trigonal trapezohedron in fower orientations.

The cube is dual tae the octahedron. It haes cubical or octahedral symmetry.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. English cube from Old French < Latin cubus < Greek κύβος (kubos) meaning "a cube, a die, vertebra". In turn from PIE *keu(b)-, "to bend, turn".