Crofters Holdings (Scotland) Act 1886

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Crofters Holdings (Scotland) Act 1886
Peighinn Choinnich, crofting toun naur Ùig in the Isle o Skye

The Crofters Holdings (Scotland) Act 1886 (Scots Gaelic: Achd na Croitearachd 1886) is an Act o the Pairlament o the Unitit Kinrick that creatit legal defineetions o crofting parish an crofter, grantit siccarity o land tenure tae crofters an produced the first Crofters Commeession, a land coort whit ruled on disputes atween landlairds an crofters. The same coort ruled on whether paorishes war or warn't croftin pairishes. In mony weys the Act wis modelled on the Irish Land Acts o 1870 an 1881.[1] Bi grantin the crofters siccarity o tenure, the Act put an end tae the Hieland Clearances.[2]

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