Cops (TV series)

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Logo of Cops (TV series).png
Creatit bi John Langley
Malcolm Barbour
Narratit bi Harry Newman
Openin theme "Bad Boys" bi Inner Circle
Composer(s) Michael Lewis (pilot)
Nathan Wang (season ane)
Kintra o oreegin Unitit States
Leid(s) Inglis
No. o series 28
No. o episodes 969[1] (Leet o episodes)
Executive producer(s) John Langley
Malcolm Barbour (1989–1994)
Producer(s) Andy Thomas (1989)
Paul Stojanovich (1989–1990)
Bertram van Munster
Murray Jordan
Jimmy Langley
Morgan Langley
Runnin time 22-30 minutes
Production company(s) Barbour/Langley Productions (1989–2002)
Fox Television Stations (1989–2013)
20th Century Fox Television (1989–2013)
Langley Productions (2002–present)
Spike Original Productions (2013–present)
Distributor 20th Television
Oreeginal channel Fox (1989–2013)
Spike (2013–present)[2]
Pictur format 480i (SDTV) (1989–2007),
720p (HDTV) (2007–2013),
1080i (HDTV) (2013–present)
Audio format Mono (1989–1990)
Stereo (1990–present)
Oreeginal run 11 Mairch 1989 – present
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Cops (stylisit as COPS) is an American documentar/reality legal series that follaes polis officers, constables, sheriff's deputies, federal agents an state troopers durin patrols an ither polis activities includin vice an narcotics stings. It is ane o the langest-running television programs in the United States and in May 2011 became the langest-runnin show on Fox wi the annooncement that America's Most Wanted wis bein canceled efter 23 years.[3][4] It follaes the activities o polis officers bi assignin televeesion camera crews tae accompany thaim as they perform their duties. The show's formula follaes the cinéma vérité convention, wi nae narration or scriptit dialog, dependin entirely on the commentar o the officers an on the actions o the fowk wi whom they come intae contact.

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