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Twa conteener ships pass in San Francisco Bay
Twa conteener ships pass each ither
Cless owerview
Name: Container ship
  • (1) Geared or gearless (as per cargo-haundlin teep)
  • (2) Freighter or pure Container (as per passenger carrier-teep)
  • (3) Feeder or Warld-wide foreign-going vessel (as per trade)
  • (4) Panamax or post-Panamax vessel (as per breadth o vessel < or > nor 32.2m respectively)
Biggit: 1956–present
In service: 9,535 ships as o 2010[1]
General chairacteristics
Propulsion: Teepically diesel syne 1990[2]
Speed: Teepically 16–25 knots (30–46 km/h)[2]
Capacity: Up tae 20,150 TEU
Notes: Reduced superstructur, conteeners stacked on deck, bulbous bow

Conteener ships are cargae ships that carry aw o thair laid in truck-size intermodal conteeners, in a technique cried conteenerisation. Thay are a common means o commercial intermodal freicht transport an nou carry maist seagangin non-bulk cargo.

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