Constitución, Buenos Aires

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Constitución and the Church of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
Constitución and the Church of the Immaculate Conception of Mary
Location of Constitución within Buenos Aires
Location of Constitución within Buenos Aires
Country Argentina
Autonomous CityBuenos Aires
 • Total2.1 km2 (0.8 sq mi)
 • Total45,860
 • Density22,000/km2 (57,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (ART)

Constitución is a barrio (neebourheid) o Buenos Aires, Argentinae, approximately twa kilometers sooth of downtown.

The barrio is centred on Constitución Station an the square o the same name an can be reached bi subway, bi bus (notably Colectivo 60) an enjoys easy access bi caur via 9 de Julio, San Juan an Caseros Avenues, as well as the 25 de Mayo toll road.

Ceilin in Constitución railwey station

The aurie, on the ootskirts o Buenos Aires in colonial times, wis grantit a pairish in 1769 an incorporatit intae the ceety in 1777. Hame tae a important mission o Bethlehemites, thay maintained a convalescent clinic thare till thair papal suppression in 1821. The aurie then became hame tae a lairge fermer's mercat an its relative elevation began attractin development. The mercat wis renamit in honour o the recently promulgatit Constitution o Argentinae in 1856 an the neebourheid, lang centred on the mercat, suin acquired the name.

Wirk began in 1864 on the Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway led the openin o a station at the mercat an wi it, the rapid growthe o the aurie as a immigrants' quairter. Grundbreakin for a new railwey terminal in 1885 wis accompaniet bi the razin o the mercat in favor of Constitución Plaza. A nan-profit clinic opened bi the Anglican Reverend Barton Lodge in 1844 became the Breetish Hospital in 1887 (still the burgh's lairgest). The neebourheid wis subsequently hame tae Hipólito Yrigoyen, a co-foonder o the centrist Radical Ceevic Union in 1891 who tirelessly campaigned for an, in 1912, wan the richt tae universal (male) suffrage in Argentinae an the secret ballot. Electit preses in 1916, his Constitución hame wis ransackit durin a coup against him in 1930.

The mayor appointit in 1976 bi Argentinae's last dictatorship, Osvaldo Cacciatore, haed plans drawn up for aicht freeweys athin the ceety proper, three o which wur feenished. The twa busiest, the 25 de Mayo an 9 de Julio Freeweys, meet at a junction north o Constitución station. The structurs, tho a great benefit tae commuters, led tae the exodus o hinjte o the neebourheid's middle class.

Nueve de Julio Expresswey
Constitución Square
Rationalist airchitectur near the station
Independencia Avenue

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