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Conjunto Urbano Nonoalco Tlatelolco

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The Conjunto Urbano Nonoalco Tlatelolco is the lairgest apairtment complex in Mexico, locatit in the Cuautemoc burgh o Mexico Ceety. It wis built in the 1960s bi airchitect Mario Pani. Oreeginally, the complex haed 102 apairtment biggins, wi its awn schuils, hospitals, stores an mair, tae mak it a ceety athin a ceety. It wis creatit tae be a kynd o human habitat an aw an includes airtwirk such as murals an green spaces such as the Santiago Tlatelolco Garden. The day, the complex is smawer than it was and in a state o deterioration, maistly due the effects an efter effects o the 1985 Mexico Ceety yirdquauk. This quauk caused the immediate collapse o the Nuevo León biggin wi ithers bein demolished in the months efterwairds. Further yirdquauks in 1993 caused the condemnation o mair biggins. In addeetion tae the lost biggins, mony residents eventually unnersauld or abandoned their apairtments, as repairs wur either niver made or made poorly.

The day the complex consists o 90 apairtment biggins, dividit intae three sections bordered bi Avenida de los Insurgentes, Eje 1 Poniente Guerrero, Eje Central an Paseo de la Reforma. Oreeginally, the complex wis designed tae hoose fowk frae different economic social strata, but the day amaist aw o law or vera law income. Creeme is a major problem as is the structural integrity o the remainin biggins.

Principal biggins

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Biggins which nae langer exist

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  1. 20 de Noviembre 87 meters 24 floors
  2. Atizapan 87 meters 24 floors
  3. Huizachal 87 meters 24 floors
  4. Oaxaca 87 meters 24 floors
  5. Tecpan (Jalisco) 87 meters 24 floors
  6. Tecpan II (Oaxaca) 87 meters 24 floors
  7. Churubusco 58 meters 15 floors
  8. Guelatao 58 meters 16 floors
  9. Nuevo León 58 meters 15 floors
  10. Ignacio Comonfort 8 floors
  11. Ignacio M. Altamirano 8 floors
  12. Jesús Terán 8 floors
  13. Ponciano Arriaga 8 floors[1]


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