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Cone cell

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Cone cells, kent as cones as weel, is a type o photoreceptor cell in the retina o the ee. Thay'r responsible fur detectin licht an colour, an thay play a fundamental pairt in heich-resolution an daytime vision. Cone cells is maist dense in the central airt o the retina kent as the fovea.

Thare's three main kynds o cone cells, ilka ane sensitive tae a distinct range o wavelenghts o licht. The three types is guid tae differentiate atween the primary colors o reid, green, an blue:

L-Cones: sensitive tae lang wavelenghts (reddish hues)

M-Cones: sensitive tae medium wavelenghts (greenish hues)

S-Cones: sensitive tae short wavelenghts (bluish hues)

Thir cone cells warks thegither wi rod cells, anither type o photoreceptor in the retina. Rod cells is mair sensitive tae law levels o licht an helps wi nicht vision, but thay dinna detect colour. Cone cells is whit gies us the gift o colourful vision an the ability tae see details in guid licht conditions.