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Compostela, Nayarit

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Compostela is the name o baith a municipality an the toun athin that municipality that serves as the seat. They are in the Mexican state o Nayarit. The population o the municipality wis 62,925 (2005 census) in a total aurie o 1,848 km² (713.5 sq mi). The population o the toun an municipal seat, wis 15,991 in 2000.

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The name wis gien in honuor o Santiago de Compostela in Galicie, Spain.

Compostela is locatit on the sooth coast o the state an is boondit in the north bi San Blas an Xalisco; in the sooth bi Bahía de Banderas an the state o Jalisco; in the east bi Santa María del Oro, San Pedro Lagunillas an the state o Jalisco; in the wast bi the Paceefic Ocean.

The lairgest dounsets in the municipality are: Compostela (15,991 inhabitants in 2000), Las Varas (12,403), La Peñita de Jaltemba (7,062), Zacualpan (4,468), an Colonia Paraíso Escondido (2,069).

The climate is tempered bi elevation, wi rains frae Julie tae September. The hottest months are Apryle an Mey. The average annual rainfaw is 968.5 mm. The average annual temperatur is 22.9 °C.

The economy is hivily based on agricultur. The main crops are tobacco, corn, beans, coffee, sorghum, an mangoes. Thare wur aroond 50,000 heid o cattle in 1995. Thare wur several smaw gowd an siller mines. In manufacturin the main products wur cigars, mango packin, rice shellin, soap factories, cattle feed, furnitur, an fuid an drink.

This is a region that attracts a considerable nummer o local an foreign visitors due tae the natural landscape, beaches, historical steids an the internaitional fishin competeetions.

Aroond Las Varas in the direction o the sooth thare are beaches in the zone cried Costa Alegre, amang which shoud be mentioned: Chacala and Chacalilla, La Peñita de Jaltemba, Rincón de Guayabitos, Los Ayala, El Monteón, Lo de Marcos an Playa Platanitos, as well as the islands in the bay o Rincón de Guayabitos, wi a guid infrastructur o services.

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Coordinates: 21°14′0″N 104°54′0″W / 21.23333°N 104.90000°W / 21.23333; -104.90000