Colour blindness

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Colour blindness
Synonymscolor deficiency, impaired color vision[1]
Example o an Ishihara colour test plate. Dependin on the computer displays, fowk wi normal veesion should see the nummer "74". Mony fowk wha are colour blind see it as "21", an thae wi tot colour blindness mey naea see ony nummers.
Clessification an freemit resoorces

Colour blindness, kent as colour veesion deficiency an aw, is the decreased ability tae see colour or differences in colour.[2] Colour blindness can mak some eddicational activities difficult. Buyin fruit, pickin cleidin, an readin traffeck lichts can be mair challengin, for ensaumple. Problems, houever, are generally minor an maist fowk adapt. Fowk wi tot colour blindness, houever, mey hae decreased veesual acuity an be uncomfortable in bricht environs an aw.[2]

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