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Colonia Atlampa is a colonia or neebourheid locatit in the Cuauhtémoc burgh, northwast o the historic centre o Mexico Ceety. The boondars o the aurie are markit bi the follaein streets: Calzada de Nonoalco or Ricardo Flores Magón Street tae the sooth, Circuito Interior Paseo de las Jacarandas tae the north, Avenida Insurgentes Norte tae the east an Circuito Interior Instituto Politécnico Industrial tae the wast.[1] The neebourheid is considered lawer cless an wirkin cless.[2] The name is derivit frae a Nahuatl phrase meanin "whaur the watter divides."[1]

In the pre-Hispanic period, the Azcapotzalco an Tlalnepantla Rivers forkit. At the end o the 19t hunderyear, the aurie wis empty "potreros" or lang mesas that lead towards nearbi muntains. The first hooses wur biggit thare aroond 1880, constructit bi a company cried FF.CC. Central Mexicano. Railroad tracks eventually crisscrossed the aurie, which led tae a nummer o lairge factories nearbi.[1] The foondation o the aurie as a colonia is aroond 1930.[2] Some o thir railwey tracks, sic as those that connect Mexico Ceety tae Cuernavaca, still exist.[3]

Atween 2005 an 2008, the Tren Suburbano, which connects dountoun Mexico Ceety wi northren suburbs wis biggit throu the colonia. Durin construction o the tracks, local businesses lost fuit traffec an business, mony permanently. Construction o the train tracks hae includit metal waws tae prevent pedestrian an ither access tae the tracks. This haed forcit mony in the neebourheid tae hae langer local traivel times, especially as thare are complaints aboot the safety o the pedestrian brigs.[4] The train tracks pass bi on Eje 2 Manuel González, dividin the colonia intae twa sections. This haes made direct access tae mony places on the ither side impossible.

The colonia extends ower aboot 144 hectares an 45 blocks wi 78 indwallers per hectare. Thare are juist ower 2000 hoosin units, but mony o thir are tenements, an illegally biggit shacks. The aurie haes problems wi crime, garbage, wide scale unemployment an breuken faimily units.[2] Mony live in shacks made o cairdbuird an ither foond materials. A lairge nummer o thir are concentratit in fower auries, near the rail line atween Mexico Ceety an Cuernavaca.[3] Thare is ane primar schuil, Dr. Héctor Pérez Martínez,[5] meanin that mony seicontar an ither schuil childer must go tae neebourin Colonia Guerrero an ither places for thair eddication.[4]

Atlampa ranks 15t in creeme in the burgh, an is locatit next tae a nummer o ither heich-creeme colonias sic as Colonia Peralvillo, Tepito, Unidad Habitacional Nonoalco-Tlatelolco an Colonia Guerrero. The maist serious creeme problem is gangs o youths frae 12 tae 25, maistly involvit in street drog sales an robbery o buses, pedestrians an businesses.[2]

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