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Illetercy? Thon's a bit harsk, is it no? Gin a bodie daes an airticle an uises spellin ye dinnae like thon's no the same as kennin whit wey tae scrieve.

Ah gree. An Ah'm no shuir aboot replacin "dinnae" wi "dinna". Whit's wrang wi "dinnae"? Or is at juist me Embra bias? Ah like "ae" steid ae "o" (as in "of" in English) an aw. Bazza

Sairy for gettin fowk's birse up. A'll awa an skelp ma lugs! Ootch! 11:24, 15 Januar 2008 (UTC)
Ye shoudna get fowk's birse up! Mebbes expoond yer thochts on the collogue page afore haund! Aw the same, the negative pairticle haes aye been -na in tradeetional Scots for hunders o years. The spellin -nae is a mair recent cleckin. The spellin ae for tradeetional o' (the apostrophe nou bein drappit) canna be aulder nor a decade, gin A mynd richt Irvin Welsh uises it in whit he 'scrieves'. A guid screed anent whit tradeetional pan-dialect leeterar Scots is - or wis can be fund here. Jimmy 01:20, 16 Januar 2008 (UTC)