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Ah'm no shuir whit the Scots fir "Warsaw" is (Warsaw mibbes??) bit Ah'm shuir it's no "Warszawa" Bazza 10:27, 16 Julie 2007 (UTC)

maist like tae be Warsaw juist, A'll flit the page there Mendor 17:22, 16 Julie 2007 (UTC)

"Gey thrang" ? Juist aboot ony ceety's "gey thrang"... -- 09:34, 23 Julie 2007 (UTC)

Thank ye for yer suggestion! Bazza haes taen yon phrase oot this time, but for the futur, whan ye think that an airticle needs impruivin, please feel free tae mak chynges. Wikipedia is a wiki, sae oniebodie can edit aamaist onie airticle juist bi dabbin on the "Edit" airtin at the tap. Ye dinna e'en hae tae log in. The Wikipedia commonty encourages ye tae be bauld in updatin pages. Dinna fash yersel aboot makkin honest mistaks — they're like tae be funnd an correctit quick. Gin ye'r no shuir hou editin wirks, hae a keek at hou tae edit a page, or uise the saundpit tae gie editin a shot. New contreebutors is aye walcome. -- Mendor 21:47, 23 Julie 2007 (UTC)