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Stockhollom[eedit soorce]

The Luath Scots Language Learner gies Stockhollom as the tradeetional Scots name for Stockholm, but DSL disna seem tae gree. Onie thochts? Mendor 14:55, 2 Mey 2006 (UTC)

The spellin Stockhollom is likely juist shawin the epenthetic /ə/ that some dialects haes liftit fae the Scots Gaelic. Thon for ordinar kythes atween liquid consonants sic as /l, r/ or /n/ an nasals. Its aften kenspeckle in wirds lik girl an film.
Tho wad the /l/ no hae been vocalised lang syne? 17:37, 2 Mey 2006 (UTC)