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Plattdeutsch isn't Nether-Saxon but High German 06.01.06

Whaur did ye come ower thon daft threap?

A think s/he's mibbe sayin that the word Plattdeutsch is Heich German, sae it wadna be uised "bi thaim that spaeks it"? Mendor 17:38, 6 Januar 2006 (UTC)

Mebbes, altho Plattdeutsch isna mentiont in the airticle -Plattdüütsch is.

Aye, but Plattdeutsch wis in the airticle -- that's whit User: teuk oot! Mendor 19:56, 6 Januar 2006 (UTC)

Thon Parkinson thingmie is sair drawin in;-)

Just fun oot how tae copy an paste, so av re-added the link tae Plattmaister correctly this time!:} 19:45, 1 Februar 2007 (UTC)

Whit aboot the link on the Dutch Leid page fer Laich German? suirley that wis intended fer Nether-Saxon/Plattdeutsch/Plattdüütsch? Personally a wuid say thit Laich German soonds nearer tae Modren Scots nor Nether-Saxon, aussi thurs the problem thit on the German Wikipedia, theres aussie a langage variety keent as Niedersakksich (aiblins misspellt) an referrin mair tae the laich speech o the Eastern coast mair nor Laich German or Plattdeutsch in the Western Coast an mair influenced bi Dutch. Its gey complicated all asmit, but either we suid chynge the link on the Dutch page till Nether-Saxon, or better nor thon, add anither page ower Nether-Saxon, as an Eastern variant o the same leid as Laich German in the Wast.ممتاز 18:14, 14 Mey 2007 (UTC)

Sorry, juist huda keek ower the airticle (efter creiticisin its title afore readin it:}!) Ad still say though, thit Laich German is a better ower aw name fir the langage group, as it compares well wae the ither "Heich-German" Group, as a description o aw the varieties thit it can cover ممتاز