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"fyrst fyve ar"[eedit soorce]

Shuid be "first five is".

The spellin <fyrst> wad mak on it's sayed [fəɪrst] or [faɪrst], but it isna -- it's sayed [fɪrst] or [fʌrst].

<fyve> isna necessar -- the <e> on the end aareadie gies the [əɪ] or [aɪ] soond in the middle. <five>'ll dae.

The raeson it's "is" an no "ar" is expoondit on at Scots_leid#Present_tense_o_verbs. Verbs in the present tense taks the singular form (e'en wi plural subjects) cept the'r a personal pronoon neist tae thaim.

Mendor 23:50, 29 Dizember 2005 (UTC)