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Scunnersome neologisms?[eedit soorce]

  1. A'm howpin that Cheenae is the name o the kintra an aw, an no juist whit ye cry porcelain. (A uised the Cheenae spellin raither nor Cheeny or Cheenie acause it seemed tae fit in better wi Americae, Canadae, Africae...)
  2. On owersettin People's Republic of China. For normal people is aye pitten ower bi fowk. A thocht Fowk's Republic o Cheenae soondit orra, sae A teuk a leukie at the ither Germanic leids. German an Dutch an the lave aw uises something like Volksrepublik, sae A've uised Fowkrepublic here bi analogy. Is this stupit an ower madie-uppie? Shuid it juist hae steyed as People's Republic or Fowk's Republic?

-- Mendor 14:57, 12 Februar 2006 (UTC)[Replie]

fixscots[eedit soorce]

Can the body that pit the fixscots template on this airticle say whit they think's wrang wi't?

A'm guessin that the main problem is the word Fowkrepublic -- but A kent fine weel that thon wis a neologism whan A pit it in, that's the wey A wis askin efter comments abuin.

In ma mind fixscots shuid really juist be uised whan the body that's pittin it there disna speak Scots thairsels an is wanting some ither body tae help thaim pit it richt. It's no there for Scots-speakin bodies tae be gangin aboot an labellin weel-intentiont airticles wi't. Gin ye hae the Scots tae fix an airticle, dinna pit fixscots on it -- juist fix it! Wi that in mind A'll tak aff fixscots till ma spier abuin gets answert.

Mendor 11:53, 23 August 2006 (UTC)[Replie]