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Is caitch pleyed wi raquettes?

"When the ball was struck with the hand against a wall and again struck at the rebound this was known in England as Fives. . . In Scotland it was called Cache, caitch -ball or band-catch." [1]

Caitchpule is juist anither name for the gemme o hand-tennis an comes fae Aulder Fleems caetsspel (modren kaatsspel), spel meanin gemme cf. German spiel. It can o coorse be uised for tae refer thae the yaird the gemme is pleyed in. The thoch that its a puil that the gemme is played in is a misinterpretin. [2] [3] [4]

Jimmy 13:22, 29 Mey 2006 (UTC)

Hi Jimmy, thanks for the collogue. Ay, caitch is pleyed wi raquettes.
At furst the gemme wis pleyed wi the haun, like fives. Frae circa 1500 raquettes were uised most aften. The French yet call the gemme jeu de paume - and this is pleyed wi raquettes the day. The yaird at Fawkland (1539) is owre muckle for the haun.
Yur etymologie is guid, thanks for the refs tae DSL. Tho, caitchpule is mair aften uised for the yaird, an caitch is anerly uised for the gemme. Maik in Ingland thae uised tennis play for tennis court, an anerly tennis for the gemme.
Whilk vocable is best: caitch, cache, caich etc?
DeCaux 4 Juin 2006
A wad threap caitch is the best [kɑtʃ, ketʃ, kedʒ][5]. It isna necessar tae include ither (historical) spellins in the airticle. Juist hae them as redirects. Wi Scots maist ilka conceivable spellin can be fund in the leeterar record.
Jimmy 17:47, 6 Juin 2006 (UTC)