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Manchester o Sooth Indie
Coimbatore is located in Tamil Nadu
Location o Coimbatore in Indie
Coordinates: 11°1′6″N 76°58′21″E / 11.01833°N 76.97250°E / 11.01833; 76.97250Coordinates: 11°1′6″N 76°58′21″E / 11.01833°N 76.97250°E / 11.01833; 76.97250
KintraIndie Indie
StateTamil Nadu
RegionKongu Nadu
 • TeepMayor–Cooncil
 • BodiCCMC
 • MayorGanapathy P Rajkumar
 • Corporation CommissionerDr K Vijay Karthikeyan, IAS
 • Metropolis246.75 km2 (95.27 sq mi)
 • Metro642.12 km2 (247.92 sq mi)
411.2 m (1,349.1 ft)
 • Metropolis1,050,721
 • Metro2,136,916
 • OffeecialTamil
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
STD Code+91-422
Vehicle registrationTN 37 (Sooth), TN 38 (North), TN 66 (Central), TN 99 (Wast)
Area Note 1: The pre expansion area o ceety leemits wis 105.6 sq.km. The 2010 expansion order addit 12 local bodies an increased the tot area tae 265.36 sq.km. Houever in 2011, three o the local bodies wur dropped frae the expansion an twa mair addit instead. Those removed were – Vellalore (16.64 sq.km), Chinniampalayam (9.27 sq.km) an Perur (6.40sq.km). Those addit wur – Vellakinar (9.20) an Chennavedampatti (4.5). Sae the actual area post expansion is 246.75 sq. km.[3][4][5][6]

Population Note 1: The census 2011 data is available anly for pre expansion ceety leemits.[7] For the expandit ceety leemits only 2001 census data is available. Pre expansion the population wis 930882.[4] After the 2010 expansion GO, the population became 1262122.[4] But efter the smaa changes mentioned in the previous note wur made, the 2001 population figur was 1250446.[3][8] Houever the 2011 census data for the urban agglomeration is available an haes been providit.[7]

Coimbatore, forby kent as Kovai, [koːʋəj] is a ceety in Indie. It is the seicont mucklest ceety an urban agglomeration in the Indie state o Tamil Nadu, efter Chennai[9] an the saxteent mucklest urban agglomeration o Indie.

Internaitional relations

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Twin touns – Sister ceeties

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Coimbatore haes sister ceety relationships wi the follaein ceeties o the warld.

Kintra Ceety State / Region Syne
United States Unitit States Toledo[10][11] Ohio 2010


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