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Coat o airms o Taiwan

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The "Blue Sky wi a White Sun" flag is the Kuomintang (KMT) pairty flag an the ROC naval jack.

The Blue Sky wi a White Sun (Cheenese: 青天白日; pinyin: Qīng tīan bái rì) serves as the design for the pairty flag an emblem o the Kuomintang (KMT), the canton o the flag o the Republic o Cheenae, the naitional emblem the Republic of Cheenae (ROC), an as the naval jack o the ROC Navy.

In the "Blue Sky wi a White Sun" seembol, the twal rays o the white Sun representin the twal months an the twal traditional Cheenese hours (時辰 shíchen), each o which corresponds tae twa modren oors (小時 xiǎoshí, literal meanin: "small shi") an symbolizes the spirit o progress.