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Coat o airms o North Macedonie

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The coat o airms o the Republic o Macedonie is componed o twa curved garlands o sheaves o wheat, tobacco leafs an opium poppy fruits, tied bi a ribbon decoratit wi embroidery o tradeitional Macedonian folk motifs. In the centre o the ovoid frame is depict a muntain, a loch an a sunrise.[1] Thir devices is said tae represent "the richness o oor kintra, oor struissle an oor freedom".

The Macedonian parliament adoptit the proposal tae chynge the kintra’s coat o airms wi 80 votes in favor an 18 against, remuivin the five-pointit starn. The Naitional Emblem wis modified on 16 November 2009. The Macedonian coat o airms that includit the reid starn haed been in uise syne 1946, shortly efter the republic became pairt o the umwhile Socialist Federal Republic o Yugoslavie (SFRY). Wi the recent chynge, the coat o airms is componed o twa curved garlands o wheat sheaves, tobacco leafs an opium poppy fruits, tied bi a ribbon decoratit wi embroidery o traditional Macedonian folk motifs. A lake, a muntain, an a sunrise are depictit in the centre o the ovoid frame.

The whole composition an design is based on the pattern o the coat o airms o the SFR Yugoslavie an daes no hae ony ruits in the historical heraldic coats o airms o Macedonie. Besides the emblem o Belaroushie, the device o the Republic o Macedonie is ane o the few remainin in Europe tae still employ socialist imagery an stylistics.

The features o the naitional coat o airms contain a risin sun that seembolizes freedom, the Šar Muntains[2] wi its peak named Ljuboten[2] or Munt Korab[3] an the river Vardar,[2][3] wi Lake Ohrid. The emblem contains opium poppy fruits an aa; this poppy wis brocht tae Macedonie bi the Ottoman Empire in the first hauf o 19t century.[4]

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