Citroën Type A

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Citroën Type A Torpedo 1921

The Citroën Type A wis the first caur produced bi Citroën frae Juin 1919 tae December 1921 in Paris. The Type A reached a production nummer o 24,093 vehicles.

During Warld War I, André Citroën wis producin munitions. As early as 1917, Citroën investigated the development o a licht car o the medium range unner the direction o Jules Salomon.

Unner the designation 10 HP Type A the caur haed a water-cooled 1327 cc fower-cylinder ingine an an output o 18 hp. Its maximum speed wis 65 km/h (40 mph). The chassis haed inverted quarter ellipic springs at the front an dooble quarter elliptics at the rear. Braking wis on the rear wheels anly controlled bi a haund lever wi a fit pedal operated transmission brake.

The chassis wis made in twa lenths an carried a variety o coachwork. The lang chassis wis available as Torpedo (fower-seat tourer), Torpedo Sport, Conduite Intérieure, Coupe de Ville an licht truck an the short chassis wi Torpedo (3 seat), Conduite Intérieure, Coupe de Ville an camionnette (van).

In its first year o production, the standard Type A cost 7,950 francs. Ane year later the selling price haed been raised tae 12,500 francs.

Wi a production rate o 100 vehicles a day, Citroën became the first mass production manufacturer in Europe.