Citroën C2

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Citroën C2
2004-2006 Citroën C2 VTR hatchback (2011-04-28) 01.jpg
Manufacturer Citroën
Production 2003–2009
Assembly Aulnay-sous-Bois, Fraunce
Designer Donato Coco
Body and chassis
Cless Supermini
Body style 3-door hatchback
Layoot FF layoot
Relatit Citroën C3
Peugeot 1007
Peugeot 206
Ingine 1.1 L TU1 I4
1.4 L TU3 I4
1.4 L ET3 I4
1.4 L DV4 Diesel I4
1.6 L TU5 I4
Wheelbase 91.1 in (2,314 mm)
Lenth 144.3 in (3,665 mm)
Weenth 65.5 in (1,664 mm)
Hicht 58.8 in (1,494 mm)
Crib wecht 2,315 lb (1,050 kg)
Predecessor Citroën Saxo
Successor Citroën DS3

The Citroën C2 is a supermini-cless caur produced bi the French manufacturer Citroën released in the hairst o 2003, replacin the Citroën Saxo. A different model, based on the Peugeot 206, is sauld in Cheenae as the C2. The Citroën C2 wis axed in late 2009 an wis replaced bi the Citroën DS3 in ware 2010.

Alang wi the Citroën C3, the C2 successfully replaced the popular but agein Citroën Saxo. The twa caurs hae relatively different designs allowin Citroën tae grab different sub-markets o the supermini class. The C2 wis designed bi Donato Coco. The C3 wis oreeginally designed as a lairger "family friendly vehicle" bein 5 doors, whauras the C2 is seen as a "young driver" image wi 2 doors an flatter stylin. Unlik Saxo, which haed anerlie 2 oot o 5 stars on Euro NCAP, the C2 achieved 4 oot o 5 stars.