Christian X o Denmark

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Christian X o Denmark
King Christian X of Denmark.jpg
Keeng o Denmark (mair...)
Ring 14 Mey 1912 – 20 Aprile 1947
Predecessor Frederick VIII
Successor Frederick IX
Prime Meenisters
Keeng o Iceland
Reing 1 December 1918 –
17 Juin 1944
Prime Meenisters
Born 26 September 1870(1870-09-26)
Charlottenlund Palace
Dee'd 20 Apryle 1947(1947-04-20) (aged 76)
Amalienborg Palace
Buirial Roskilde Cathedral
Consort Alexandrine o Mecklenburg-Schwerin
Issue Frederick IX o Denmark
Knud, Hereditary Prince o Denmark
Hoose Hoose o Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg
Faither Frederick VIII o Denmark
Mither Louise o Swaden
Releegion Lutheranism

Christian X (Christian Carl Frederik Albert Alexander Vilhelm; 26 September 1870 – 20 Aprile 1947) wis the Keeng o Denmark frae 1912 tae 1947 an the anly keeng o Iceland (whaur the name wis offeecially spelled Kristján), atween 1918 an 1944.