China Airlines

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China Airlines Co., Ltd.
IATA ICAO Callsign
Foondit16 Dizember 1959
Focus ceeties
Frequent-fleer programDynasty Flyer
SubsidiariesMandarin Airlines (93.99%) Tigerair Taiwan (80%)
Fleet size80
Destinations95 (inc. cargo, exc. codeshare)
Company sloganJourney with a caring smile
Parent companyChina Airlines Group
HeidquartersCAL Park, Dayuan, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Key fowk
  • Hung-Hsiang Sun (Chairman)[1]
  • Samuel P. Lin (Preses)[1]
RevenueIncrease NTD141.725 billion (2013)[2]
Operatin incomeDecrease NTD -0.761 billion (2013)[2]
Net incomeDecrease NTD -1.274 billion (2013)[2]
Tot assetsDecrease NTD 52.890 billion (2013)[2]
Tot equitySteady NTD 52.000 billion (2013)[2]
China Airlines Co., Ltd.
Traditional Chinese中華航空股份有限公司
Simplified Chinese中华航空股份有限公司

China Airlines (CAL; Cheenese: 中華航空; pinyin: Zhōnghuá Hángkōng) (TWSE: 2610) is the lairgest airline in Taiwan an the flag carrier o the Republic o Cheenae (Taiwan). It is heidquairtered in Taiwan Taoyuan Internaitional Airport an haes approximately 11,000 employees.[3] China Airlines operates ower 1,300 flichts weekly tae 95 airports in 91 ceeties athort Asie, Europe, North Americae an Oceanie. [4] The carrier wis, in 2013, the 29t lairgest airline in the warld in terms o passenger RPK (revenue per kilometer) an the 9t lairgest in terms o fricht RPK. [2] China Airlines haes three airline subsidiars: Mandarin Airlines operates flichts tae domestic an regional destinations wi smawer demands; China Airlines Cargo operates a fleet o frichter aircraft an manages its parent airline's cargo-hauld capacity; Tigerair Taiwan is a planned law-cost carrier an will commence operations in late-2014.[5]

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