Charles X o Fraunce

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Charles X
Charles X of France 1.PNG
Portrait bi Baron Gérard, c.1829
Keeng o Fraunce an Navarre
Ring 16 September 1824 – 2 August 1830
Coronation 29 May 1825
Predecessor Louis XVIII
Successor Louis XIX
as Keeng o Fraunce an Navarre
Louis Philippe I
as Keeng o the French
Prime Meenisters
Born 9 October 1757(1757-10-09)
Palace o Versailles, Fraunce
Dee'd 6 November 1836(1836-11-06) (aged 79)
Görz, Austrick (nou in Italy)
Buirial Kostanjevica Monastery, Slovenie
Spouse Marie Thérèse o Savoy
Issue Louis XIX o Fraunce
Charles Ferdinand, Duke o Berry
Full name
Charles Philippe de France
Hoose Bourbon
Faither Louis, Dauphin o Fraunce
Mither Marie Josèphe o Saxony
Releegion Roman Catholicism
Seegnatur Charles X's signature

Charles X (Charles Philippe; 9 October 1757 – 6 November 1836) wis kent for maist o his life as the Coont o Artois (in French, comte d'Artois) afore he reigned as Keeng o Fraunce frae 16 September 1824 till 2 August 1830.[1]

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